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  • AOU2011 Tags in Some TTT2 footage!

    Fresh off the AOU2011 show floor we have some really nice Tekken Tag Tournament 2 footage showing some of the new tag features in the game and a quick 50 second video explaining the new juggle system with tag! The game looks gorgeous right now and is looking to be quite the experience! So far,…

  • Give Thanks for the Machine Once Again!

    West Coast MvC2 young blood; Neo, has come up with a really nice MvC3 Sentinel combo that leaves me speechless at the result. Neo introduces the Crack Dash combo! Your donations keep the machine alive(i.e. the game is worth it, so buy it!).

  • Revisiting the past series: Gay Stephen Hawkings

    this is in the top 10 in the most random shit that ever happened on alphaism radio

  • The Streets of Nagoya Are On Fire Once More!

    Last night was the first Nagoya Street Battle featuring SSF4:AE. Some of Japan’s best competed in this monthly 3on3 event hosted by(and streamed by), none other than, Gamanoabura! There were a few notable players there as well; such as: Mahou Shojou Zangitan(Zangief), MDR(Rufus), and one of the legendary pyramid gods: Haitani(who teamed with MDR and…

  • Listen to the old shows NOW!!!!

    nYo’s been uploading most of the recorded shows since 2006 to 2007. There are a lot of gems in there I must say. put this shit on your ipod, phone, whatever listen to it during class, work, when your girl is talking, etc. (need to be logged in to view)

  • Revisiting the past series: O Sagat

    Well the set up for this one is that mizuki’s (i think thats his name) “friend” or someone he knew was at Evo. well just listen to this one.

  • Revisiting the past series: babycakes and thomas

    one of the Jenny Jones style pranks with the gay secret admirer also babycakes has an unrivaled talent for doing that kind of voice but in pretending to be gay he is only 2nd best to… wait till next week or so


    The new year jumps starts off fresh with a new fighting game: Arcana Heart 3!  The game recently went on sale in Japan(yesterday Japan time) and impressions of the port seem very positive so far and have deemed it arcade perfect for home consoles. Arturo “Sabin” Sanchez has written an initial impressions review over at…

  • A New Year, A New Tourney Season!

    Happy New Year’s, guys! Hopefully everyone partied hard and safely. Another year is behind us and that only means one thing: tourney season is fastly approaching! Gamanoabura got things underway in the new year with yet another NSBTV stream. 10 teams entered and Dashio(Viper) and Acqua(Ibuki) were in attendence at this tourney as well. Catch…

  • Revisiting the past series: Halo dudes and SF4

    I know a lot of you heard Bunkei mention this story of messing with a scrub in SF4 vanilla when Justin was on. Well I finally found the episode and it was pretty fucking great.