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  • GodsGarden x interview part 2(translated version)!

    And here is part 2 of the GodsGarden x interview. Again, many thanks to SamJKim for the translation.

  • GodsGarden initial impressions of SSF4:AE featuring Itazan, Mago,Tokido, KSK, Nemo and Hiropon! article which includes exclusive match vids) took the time to interview the GodsGarden crew regarding their initial impressions of SSF4:AE since it recently dropped in Japan on 12/16. The GodsGarden crew discusses the new additions to AE(Yun and Yang) and talk about the console characters in the new version of SF4. Shoutouts to SamJKim for […]

  • Revisiting the past series: Wii boxing?

    Sup yall. I’ve been listening to past Alphaism shows and thought the best parts of them should be cut out and put on youtube so the general public can enjoy. Bunkei asked me if I wanted to contribute the videos to the site so here I am. I will be posting bits and pieces of […]

  • More AE Updates!

    So, AE has finally gone into operation in Japan and everyone is waiting on those vids to come out. At the moment there are two active channels and one of them belongs to two of the top 8 SBO finishes: Kim1234 and Air! There are still vids being uploaded to the account as we speak. […]

  • Random Tokido Interview(Part 1)!

    Alright, so it’s not too random, but it did come out of nowhere when it was linked to me on IRC. The interview was conducted by a fairly unknown player that lives in Japan that goes by the name of Kenzo. He plays Ken in SSF4 and has been featured on GodsgardenTV after winning the […]

  • SSF4: Afterparty Edition!

    Desora(famous ratio 4 Raiden player in CvS2 and also known for his Gouken in SF4 console) posted on his facebook last night advertising a gathering AND afterparty on December 16th(the day AE goes into operation in Japan) for SSF4:AE at Neo Amusement Space A-cho, which is one of the most popular arcades in all of Japan. A-cho […]

  • The Super SF4 AE hype train continues!

    So, I’m pretty sure we’ve all been reading up on all the change lists coming out of the wood work as of late. Makes sense since SSF4 AE is due out in a few weeks in arcades in Japan. Over at, though, our good friend Reno has decided to post up some liner notes […]

  • More Crossover Madness!

    We’ve seen the X-Men and Street Fighters crossover before and we’re about to see Tekken and Street Fighter go in, but now we have an all-new crossover that may just rock the streaming world: iPlayWinner x Team Sp00ky. Congrats to Sp00ky for getting this amazing opportunity to work with a godlike team of people.

  • Get Ready for the Next Battle(In More Ways Than One!)!!!

    Granted the 2010 tournament season is almost over, but over at, Bellreisa(site admin) has written out a pretty insightful and witty travel guide for those of you new to the scene. If you’re not new to the scene, give it a read, there are some new tips in there that not even I have […]


    So, first and foremost, I’d like to thank Bunkei for granting me this opportunity to write for his site. Finally gives me something to flex my writing muscles on, but more importantly, to do tourney coverage from the East Coast side of things. Looking forward to keeping the page fresh on fighting game news from […]