The new year jumps starts off fresh with a new fighting game: Arcana Heart 3!  The game recently went on sale in Japan(yesterday Japan time) and impressions of the port seem very positive so far and have deemed it arcade perfect for home consoles. Arturo “Sabin” Sanchez has written an initial impressions review over at iPlayWinner.com detailing the console ports amazingness. Sabin’s post also contains a quick tutorial video of the game’s engine as well. All that can be left to say is that ArcSystems is the shit and has saved us from console port pergatory(see: AH2 PS2 port).

For more on Arcana Heart 3 please visit Homingcancel.com, which is run by Bellreisa and the Mizuumi.net crew!





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  1. mrmet Avatar

    DS can u get me a job and a copy of AH3

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