New show scheduled for Saturday, July 31 @ 7 pm PST | Topic: What should Capcom do with 3s online?

Edit (7-31-10): You can download this podcast here. Enjoy!!

Hey everyone,

As I expected, the recent announcement of SFIII 3s online and the message from Ono welcoming our suggestions has splintered the community (at least, the community that cares about 3s). Though much of what I’ve read over the past week is filled with idiocy and outright silliness, there has been some valid points on both sides of the issue. Those who are against a rebalanced mode argue that most people who ask for a rebalance wouldn’t be able to take advantage of such changes anyway, as they do not play the game on a competitive level. Having an arcade-perfect (or at least close to it) would mean easier access for the hardcore 3s community, who had to resort to last-gen consoles to play it.

Those for a rebalance argues that the game, unlike ST, is horribly unbalanced. At medium and high level play, the game is dominated by four characters. They feel that attention to the mid and lower tier characters could rejuvenate the scene–not split it. They contend that OGs who argue on the premise that a rebalance would split the community does not hold water; a rebalance would no more split the community than a sequel.

I have an idea (which I’ll discuss in more detail) that I think will be a fair compromise. Let’s hope …

See ya @ 7!

ALPHAISM RADIO SPECIAL!!! Tuesday, April 27th @ 12 pm PST, Bunkei celebrates the launch of SSF4! (UPDATED!)

Edit: You can download Part 1 (12 pm – 2pm) here. Part 2 to be continued this weekend where I will reveal the mystery guest, and give listeners a chance to take advantage of an awesome deal!

Hey everyone,

It’s nice to be back for a minute and host a special episode of AlphaISMRadio. I can’t believe it! We’re almost there to April 27th to play probably the most anticipated game in years (yes, even surpassing vanilla SF4). I have one helluva show lined up for you. First, Shinblanka, Keits (organizer behind MWC, the country’s first major SF tournament featuring SSF4), and sp00ky (make sure you check out his site and 24/7 SSF4 stream here) will be joining me to talk about SSF4 and the recent trailer for Marvel vs Capcom 3 (hell hath officially frozen over!).

Furthermore, I have a mystery guest that I plan to have on the show. I can tell you right now that you don’t know him. However, once I show you what he does in his free time, you will be NO DOUBT interested. I won’t tell you who he is or what he does (you’ll have to watch this space on Tuesday for that). However, I can tell you this: what he does is something that will definitely be interesting to those who plan on playing SSF4 hardcore. If you MISS THIS SHOW, you WILL miss out on a deal that will -never- be repeated again. Let me restate: There will be a deal just for you listeners that will NOT be done again. Ever.

More to come … 😉

P.S. Still looking for an editor for my SSF4 site. More on that later too.

New AlphaISM Podcast scheduled for Saturday, February 27 @ 6:00 pm PST/9:00 pm EST (UPDATED)

Edit: You can download this podcast here.

Yo everyone!

Shinblanka, the director of the Final Round Tournament Series, will be coming on the radio to make a major announcement. I won’t spoil it for you, but I can tell you this: What he has planned has never been done before at a Street Fighter major to my knowledge. Sorry, that’s all I’m going to reveal. You’ll just have to tune in to hear the rest. 😉

I assure you, you WILL be hyped when you hear the news. Thanks in advance to Shinblanka for doing this!!

See ya @ 6:00 pm PST!

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AlphaISM Podcast from Wednesday’s show is now available for download!

Yo folks,

Here’s the podcast from Wednesday’s show talking about the revelation of the Third Strike characters for SSF4. Of course, being AlphaISM Radio, we talked about other stuff too, including talk about “the dream” I had. Very very disturbing, very very funny. Enjoy!!

Link 1

Link 2

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Surprise AlphaISM Podcast with MrWizard now available for download!

Hey everyone,

About 11 p.m. PST on Friday night, MrWizard from SRK asked me if I like to do a live show announcing the last game for Evolution 2010’s lineup. Of course, I’d love to; as you know, the last slot was not predetermined, but rather it was put up to a vote. Surprisingly, Melty Blood won! This 4-hour podcast features myself, Wizard, Keits, fubarduck and other Melty Blood players as they attempt to explain why Melty Blood won, and why is the game gaining such popularity despite not having a stateside release. It’s another hilarious show with some of everything: comedy, knowledge-dropping, interviews, etc. GREAT show!

P.S. I apologize for falling asleep 😛

Part 1

Part 2

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New AlphaISM Podcast scheduled for Saturday, January 30 (UPDATED)

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Yo everyone!

I’ve scheduled a live AlphaISM Radio Podcast for 6:00 pm PST/9:00 pm EST. We’ll have some news for Final Round fans that you’ll definitely like if you’re a Tekken 6 fan 😉 Also, I’m proud to bring back prank calls to AlphaISM Radio that were so popular in the past. This one is special as the prank call will be to my aunt, who has an explosive temper. I plan to tell her that her Social Security will be cut down to $20 per month. I will use a southern accent, and will refer to her “negro woman” to get her riled up. Don’t worry; she hasn’t talked to me in over 2 years, so she won’t know my voice. This should be an epic call that should easily sail into all-time prank call HOF.

P.S. I’m STILL looking for a chief editor for my new SSF4 site. Read the previous blog entry for details.

See ya Saturday!

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Bunkei announces new site; needs a chief editor!

In February, AlphaISM’s sister site, will be taken down, and its place, I’ll use the new domain I’ve purchased, To that end, I will need a new chief editor to manage the site. Between my job and AlphaISM Radio, I won’t have time or the knowledge to properly manage this site. If you are interested, go to this thread for details. (Registration is required on the forum)

More info on this soon!

Show your support for Final Round XIII! (March 12-14)

Yo everyone,

One of the hottest tournaments of the year, Final Round, is just around the corner! For those of you who may not have attended last year’s tournament (shame on you!), let it be known that it was one of the HYPEST tournaments EVER with the release of Street Fighter 4 just a few weeks prior. Unfortunately, this time, the game won’t be released until a couple of weeks afterwards (end of March is what some retailers are speculating). To that end, I have a started a petition for Capcom to sponsor Final Round by bringing advanced copies of SSFIV, and holding a side tourney with good prizes, cash or otherwise.

I NEED YOUR HELP!!!! PLEASE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT BY POSTING ON THIS THREAD. WE CAN DO THIS IF WE MAKE A BIG ENOUGH FUSS ABOUT IT!!!! Think about it the past petitions to Capcom that worked (MvC 2 re-release, GGPO). So we know that they DO listen to us. So please, PLEASE show your support!

I’ll keep you informed on any updates regarding our petition.

Good luck to us all!