Alphaism: Marvel vs Capcom 2 history

link to ski sonic hosted alphaisms

My dream realized, I got to sit around and talk MvC2 with Viscant while people listened! Joined by Toshin and Nydrin, Viscant and I discussed a brief history of MvC2 up until 2003. We then delved into strategy and techinical talk, on a variety of topics including team formation, viabiltiy of alternate teams, alternative teams (low tier), and much more. Nostalgic and informative. – ski

part 1

part 1.5

part 2

“They thought it wouldn’t be done, but I finally reprised my MvC2 history and capped it off JUST in time for MvC3. Relive the magic, or catch up on the years of hype you might’ve missed! Joined by Viscant and Bunkei, with DS in text form playing an invaluable role. I really liked this setup! (Please pardon the rough edits, we had a few technical difficulties early in the show which were quickly resolved.)” – skisonic