Ustream has blocked me :/ I’m going to do a pre-re…

Ustream has blocked me :/ I’m going to do a pre-recorded podcast and will upload it tomorrow. Sorry folks!!






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  1. Bunkei Avatar

    I’ll try Twitch this week and see what happens. It actually never occurred for me to use them lol. Thanks for the suggestion

  2. Bunkei Avatar

    I spoke my mind. I discussed it in the latest podcast. This is why the spying scandal is so bad; this is far beyond preventing terrorism. This is about tracking those who have an opinion that the powers that be may see as a concern. Is it a coincidence that within a few weeks, we have found out that the IRS have been targeting anti-government groups and individuals and now we find out that all of our private information is being recorded and retained. I’ll dig deeper on the next show.

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