I present to you the last epis…

I present to you the last episode of Bunkei’s Corner: http://t.co/enMDHvne Enjoy and THANK YOU for all your support over the years!!

12 responses to “I present to you the last epis…”

  1. Please don’t leave bunk. I wont be able to go on without your melodious voice! why you doing this to me again nigga 🙁 ?

  2. It is saddening to hear that this is the last show. But since you said that it isn’t as fun for you anymore, why continue when you aren’t enjoying it as you used to. All I have to say, is thank you bunk for everything you have done and good luck on your next endeavor. It’s a shame I was never able to call in to the show or do that prank call you wanted me to make for you. If I was home on Friday night, I would have instantly called in but I got home after you guys finished. Once again, thanks bunk for everything.

  3. Wow, the last episode!?! This is really a heart breaker. This is by far my favorite podcast. You will be sorely missed bunk.

  4. Madgief you are perhaps the most memorable fan that I never had on the radio. Thanks for all your support friend, but continuing with the show would be a disservice to both of us.

  5. @Bunk 🙁 Take care brother! Look After yourself And GOD BLESS you! Please do and try to make some Cameo’s in the future. Your Laugh and sense of humour will be missed by Many, and so will be your appreciation for the Art of life.

    Mad Love,


  6. So sad to hear your done Bunk. I always go back and listen to some of the old shows from 06-07′, sigh. Thanks for all the great shows you’ve put on. Take care and I hope you make another return at some point.

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