Bunkei’s Corner Episode 67 is …

Bunkei’s Corner Episode 67 is now available for download: http://t.co/pZOznl7x






2 responses to “Bunkei’s Corner Episode 67 is …”

  1. nYo Avatar

    Great show bunk. Always a pleasure to listen to while doing my mundane job. Makes the days go by so much quicker.

  2. JeepTie Avatar

    Bunkei, your remarks about cell reproduction and such are kinda off the mark. If our cells were reproduced constantly the way you say, there would be no aging. Even if humans would continually keep “regenerating” there’s a part that will never be replaced after early childhood and those are brain cells and nervous systems. Other than those, a lot of tissues from muscles to bones and organs are all ‘irreplaceable’.

    I get that your whole point was to say that people age. I’m merely trying to point out that cellular reproduction doesn’t magically halt, it slows down gradually and parts that can’t be reproduced wear down by the years too and that’s why we die.

    Natural is a relative word, there’s a lot of stuff that’s natural in the animal world that makes us puke. Mild, common examples include bunnies eating their own shit and jackals feeding their pups by puking up(food that was already rotten). Something being natural doesn’t make it any more hard to accept be it death or black widow eating their male counterpart after a fuck.

    Anyhow, I’m sad that the podcast ended just as it was getting interesting (football does not interest me at all) 😀

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