Bunkei’s Corner Episode 65 is …

Bunkei’s Corner Episode 65 is available for download: http://t.co/YFfIcDAk Enjoy!!






9 responses to “Bunkei’s Corner Episode 65 is …”

  1. Fuziun Avatar

    Why do I never catch the show live when ya’ll start talking about rotaries?

  2. Bunkei Avatar

    you know, we talked about havings a ‘cars’ segment on Bunkei’s Corner where users can ask questions or provide suggestions/tips for automobiles. Whether it’s purchasing/selling/repair/modding ..

  3. Fuziun Avatar

    Yea I heard that, seems pretty interesting to hear you and Jim(?) go at it, and also have that talk with DNyce.

  4. Bunkei Avatar

    Yeah D’Nyce making us all look bad with his Integra choice. lol

  5. Fuziun Avatar

    This might be me but I don’t think the RSX is that bad of a car choice. It has it’s ups and downs, but don’t listen to me. I drive an 86 RX7, lol.

  6. Bunkei Avatar

    Mazda makes better FWD cars than either Acura or Honda. If he wants performance, he should look into a MazdaSpeed 3

  7. Fuziun Avatar

    I don’t think it’s just performance wise, though. There’s probably a shit ton of factors that go in to him choosing the RSX. Obviously I can’t speak for him, so I’ll wait until he pops up again.

  8. SHOGUN Avatar

    I just picked up a 2008 Volvo S40 T5 AWD in Bellvue, does that make me an old man? Albeit an entry level luxury car, eventually working my way up to a BMW like Bunk, unless something else comes along. But yeah a carcast type episode or segment would be awesome!

  9. Bunkei Avatar

    Fuziun/Shogun .. would you like to come on tomorrow’s show with me and Jim? We’d like a 3rd person .. The topic of tomorrow’s show is NAIAS show and the new production/concept models revealed. Let me know via email if you can make it. All you need is a mic and skype.

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