Bunkei’s Corner Episode 62 ava…

Bunkei’s Corner Episode 62 available for download: http://t.co/LwGDU30n






3 responses to “Bunkei’s Corner Episode 62 ava…”

  1. Madgief Avatar

    I wana see two bunkei corners a week if you have the time, shit too funny and I like ur opionions on current affairs ie the internet censorship, nwo keep it up bro.

  2. Madgief Avatar

    Oh congrats on the BMW, I myself drive a e92 3.30 convertible too I love these cars.

  3. Tron's Robotic Dildo Avatar
    Tron’s Robotic Dildo

    Dont worry about the nerds that are jelly that you got a BMW. They busy wasting time in #capcom and driving a ford.

    I’m hooked on Bunkei’s Corner. Hell I’d pay to get two eps a week.

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