AlphaISM Radio Special feat. S…

AlphaISM Radio Special feat. Shinblanka (Broadcasting live at

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  1. BS. mixup, vdo, derekleenslow, swang, irongod, and spiderdan, and a ton of other players online. And theres some unknown Japanese player the beat down some top player with omegared. nuff said on this topic.

  2. it’ll be sometime this evening. You don’t have to ask for the mp3. I always put it your asap.

  3. Mortal Kombat Takes Golden Joystick Award over SSF4AE and MvC3,AAAA9K3PIQk~,5FCKKTeYehrl5G9Evg1WvXfYPtrryqxd&bctid=1230936066001

    It had more… kontent… than both MVC3 and Arcade Edition, combined. Its not even discussion.

    MK9 had amazing lobby systems (King of the Hill with the watching system was always fun), more social interaction, more penalty for ragequitting than both, as well as that 300-part Challenge Tower, the Test Your Strength/Luck/Etcetra, an incredibly large Vault you had to buy everything with, and DLC characters that actually add to the game instead of people only playing them. As well as more balance when it came right off the shelves (sans Sheeva and Baraka needing to go up and Kung Lao needing to go down.)

    What did MVC3 and SF4 have? Fighting. Yeah, it had the car and barrel stages in SF4, but MVC3 was so underdeveloped and trashy that the only hype I got from it was watching the trailers. Arcade Edition added nothing. It was an expansion pack. It was trash that added trash to trash.

    Mortal kombat is a more complete GAME.
    It has the best story mode ever in fighting games, and loads of content and other stuff to do.
    SF is just a fighting game, you just fight, and that’s it…
    MVC3 is a disgrace, shitty to no story mode, lack of other game mods, and worst spectator mode.
    But MK has it all, cool chars, great story, great gameplay, great online, great everything.

  4. yeah mang i need dat mp3 asap wut happen bunk u sed u waz gon do eit yesterday bruh bruh wha happend mang?

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