Bunkei’s Corner Episode 54 is …

Bunkei’s Corner Episode 54 is now available for download: http://t.co/LjFIspWP “Bunkei v Chindogg” .. who wins? lol

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  1. I’m not trying to bring up old stuff, but I just remembered something about a thick asian chick you were gonna inform us about!

    Good show. Thanks for the upload.

  2. Interesting subject bunkei on the NWO….(WARNING BUNKEI) THIS SHIT IS VERY REAL. IT’S SCARY.

    I have some interesting videos for you that will spook you about the NWO.

    Jay Z song Lucifer reverse (subliminal message) 666 MURDER MURDER JESUS

    Skull And Bones and the Bush family

    illuminati – Rihanna Exposed

    Michael Jackson’s Death – The Truth Revealed (MUST SEE)

    Illuminati – The Music Industry Exposed [Full Length]

    Exposed DVD Tupac Breaking The Oath 2010

    Lady Gaga SHOCKING Illuminati CONFESSION!!! (Interview)

  3. Yea everyone knows about jay z infiliation with freemasonary, its happening everywhere. anyone know of the richest man in the world look it up it aint billgates! its a banker, affiliated with rockafeller, jp morgan,etc. rothschild!

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