[AlphaISM fans’ request] Part …

[AlphaISM fans’ request] Part 2 of Skisonic’s interview with Viscant about the history of MvC2 can be downloaded here: http://t.co/BDVwHxb






7 responses to “[AlphaISM fans’ request] Part …”

  1. Uryo Avatar

    Thanks for coming through bunkei!

  2. STHawk Avatar

    Thank you for following up!
    When is the next podcast?

  3. Bunkei Avatar

    I’m not quite sure; it may be the weekend ..

  4. Bunkei Avatar

    You’re welcome 🙂

  5. madgief Avatar

    Hey Bunk, Im missing you already I need a New Podccast soon or il crack!

  6. Bunkei Avatar

    @madgief: send nude pics, then we’ll talk. Better yet, send a video of you pounding a chick to my violin player

    If you do that, I’ll dedicate an entire episode to you lmao

  7. madgief Avatar

    @Bunk you remembered LOOOOOOOOOOOL. yea my girl loves your violin music bro, so do I, so relaxing! if you wana see me nude just imagine gief with a 2 inch weiner. I aint lying! I aint embarrassed! its small i aint blessed like bernie Mac!

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