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  1. magnus Avatar

    So, wait.. so people dont want to play a game full of girls like AC and Melty, but wants to play that overated ass game…..skullgirls. Oh wait it’s the FG community, it’s normal for fools to ride on capcom’s dick and mikeshits dick. man i swear. no wonder why people are moving to other genres, the fg community are like groupies now.

    also mvc2>umvc3.

  2. Bunkei Avatar

    @magnus quiet the opposite, there are definitely MB and AH scenes out there. Heck even Flash said he’d play AH if it had a scene in Florida. For me, the game’s style just doesn’t appeal to me.

    You can’t harp on people for not wanting to play certain games; people have preferences, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  3. Madgief Avatar

    3rd strike online sucks reallt bad matchmaking system

  4. Madgief Avatar

    And i bout it on ps3 and xbox 360. the 360 version is the better version! but ggpo still lags, you dont have a choice of which region to play and it takes 2 hours for a ranked match.

  5. Madgief Avatar

    (-_-) im sad!

  6. AZ Avatar

    Another great episode, Bunkei!

    “Yeah, they love that shit. . .but. . .there’s very few people. . .that. . .that love that shit.” – FlashMetroid

    In regards to the 3SO discussion on SRK, the only thing that irks me is that people are now, all of a sudden, getting up in arms about character imbalance when Derek Neal, the producer of 3SO, has stated from the start that the game will remain arcade-perfect. This announcement was made at last year’s Comic-Con — why were people not galvanizing and campaigning for additional changes then?

    Regardless, I, too, am under the opinion that old games should just be left alone. And the only reason why I say that is because I’d rather see Capcom focus their attention on current projects (AE 2012, UMvC3, SFxT, etc) rather than live in their past — and that’s exactly what they’re doing. I treat 3SO as a “thank you” to their fans. The game is what it is, good or bad. Those that enjoyed it or would like to see what the game was like can now pick it up and play on their current-gen console in HD with their TE sticks. For everyone else; there’s plenty of other games to play or look forward to.

    Besides that, I share a lot of the same sentiments all of the guests had on the show in regards to SFIV. Very nice discussion.

  7. Hippo Avatar

    You know what sucks thanks to the shitty QA of Capcom 3rd Strike has given GGPO a really bad name.

    I was talking to people that I had recommended 3rd Strike to due to it using GGPO (Which I have used since early A2 only days), and here is what they told me RE the experience with 3rd Strikes use of GGPO:

    1. One of them told me GGPO flat out sucks because it takes fucking ages to find a ranked match. (THIS HAS FUCKING NOTHING TO DO WITH GGPO BUT MOST CASUAL DON’T KNOW THAT)

    2. The same person went on to say why the fuck does ‘GGPO’ lack a region filter option when searching for player or ranked games. “Hmm how come I can search for same region in SF4 but not this game that is supposed to have the ‘amazing’ online setup, yet most of the time rather than display connection quality of a lobby it just has ‘???’ ”

    3. Another person told me that when they play the characters on screen teleport everywhere and do other strange shit like rewind after a KO (Which we know is rollbacks due to high ping.)

    And, these people are not the only ones..look at popular main stream gaming forums like Neogaf and the casual fighting game players are flat out saying that this shit blows and a lot of people are blaming GGPO. (Others are even demanding a refund for this ‘abortion’)

    Honestly, how come they did not go with displaying the ping values (Which HDR and MVC2 displayed) in this game and decided to show pointless fucking colour coded dots that most ‘casual’ fighting game fans don’t even pay attention to? (Yellow dot is equal to about 150ms ping from what I’ve experienced which for GGPO means you will notice way more rollbacks unless you set smoothing to a value like 3)

    Furthermore, how come the game is that under coded that you can’t set the GGPO smoothing rate before creating a lobby? A simple option to add during making a game and having a legend in the bottom stating that for long distance (yellow dot or worse) smoothing should be set to 3-or-4 and for people with ‘green dot’ connections the default setting of 2 should be fine. Hell, how about before starting a game comparing the ping values of two players and setting smoothing to a higher value if ping is greater than 100ms, at least that way it would be better than setting all global default values to 2 no matter the ping vs your opponent which results in people that are joining yellow dot rooms experiencing rollbacks.

    If one did not know better they would say that this was all done on purpose by Capcom so people stop fucking asking for GGPO in their future fighting games (Hey it would cost ’em less money in the long run since they would not need to implement it. And, we know how much Capcom loves to save money.)

    Man, if I was Ponder I would be fucking pissed with how the development team has implemented the online portion of this game, since it reflects badly on GGPO middleware.

  8. Madgief Avatar

    Another awesome podcast I have to say bunk, you and flash make a good duo in the podcast it be good to hear him in most podcasts. thanks again bunkei!

  9. Madgief Avatar

    @Hippo I agree 100% with what you have said. iv used ggpo on the PC and its runs so smooth, it seems capcom are fuckin retarted they casn’t do anything right. But I know ps3 has a different programming infrastructure to xbox and pc (because a xbox is basically a pc) but thats still no excuse to why the matchmaking sucks and why i only see red bar connects on ps3. but the game is having teething problems I hope the can sort it out with this patch. the game itself is actually good. there was one funny moment when i was playing online and i KO some 12 times in one round LOL, it and my charecters flat out dissapeared on screen. but these will be rectified in the next patch i been on the unity site mailed them. lets see what happens!

  10. Hippo Avatar

    Madgief, I own the game on X360 and PS3 it has major problems on both platforms. Not being able to filter by your region means on both platforms you end up seeing a ton of lobbies with “???” as they connection quality indicator, and other lobbies you just end up seeing stuff from all over the world since you simply can’t filter to your own bloody region.

    Iron Galaxy (The developers of 3SOE) should really look at the suggestions I and other people have made. However, I got a feeling their budget simply won’t cover a proper patch.

    The patch news posted by Derek Neal on Capcom unity still does not address issues like lack of region filter, lack of being able to set GGPO smoothing while creating a lobby, hell even explaining if you set your smoothing to 1 and you play someone that has their set to the default of 2 what does the game decide takes priority.

    I’m not a hater. I think this product after a few changes could stand to be the best online fighting game in todays market.

    If someone could post my posts on Capcom Unity that would be great (and Link back to here), so hopefully the devs at Iron Galaxy get to read it.

  11. 8ight Avatar

    Another great show. Having Flash on is a good idea. He has a lot of insight into the games and he does make good points.

    Again; thanks for uploading Bunk! I’m already looking forward to your next cast.

  12. Momotaro Avatar

    Yo Bunk. You need to check this shit out bra!

  13. madgief Avatar

    @momotaro what that fuck did you expect after yipes left lol! theres only 2 members left in empire. IT IS SAFE TO SAY THAT THE EMPIRE COLLAPSED JUST LIKE A SAID IT WILL. MUCH LOVE, MOTHERFUCKIN MADGIEF! FOR MOTHER RUSSIA MOTHERFUCKERS!

  14. HippoOnWater Avatar

    Just got done with this newest show. I have to say Flash Metroid is an amazing guest. No dick riding, no bullshit, just straight up speaks his mind and calls out a ton of bullshit; he needs to be on more often.

    Thanks a ton Flash for not forgetting your roots and keeping it ‘real’.

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