Next AlphaISM Podcast schedule…

Next AlphaISM Podcast scheduled for Wed 8/24 @ 8 pm: SPECIAL GUEST: FACENC Topic: What you need to know about 3s, but you’ll still lose ..






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  1. Madgief Avatar

    can’t wait! I need to know everything bout this game, its a shame what I heard about the red parry from flash and wizard though!

  2. Bunkei Avatar

    @madgief To be fair, we only heard one side of the story .. from 3s haters. We’ll get a perspective from a respected player that plays the game and likes it.

  3. Madgief Avatar

    Really looking forward to it bunk, Iv preordered my copy on psn tell them to give me tips on how to use Gill LOL!

  4. new capcom games are garbage Avatar
    new capcom games are garbage

    tekken tag 2 will be the best release of this decade

  5. rinoH Avatar

    Try to get Renic on the podcast or Gootecks for that matter

  6. Madgief Avatar

    I’m Hearing theres Mad INPUT delay on the Ps3 Version of the 3rd strike online, if this is true can you bring this up on the show bunkei and your thoughts on the matter. the 360 version in my opinion will be the superior version!

  7. magnus Avatar

    rinoH: if you are a nuthugging fanboy of those turds gooteck and mike ros, go listen to whatever podcast they have or wakeup srk. i swear you guys would suck their dick if they wanted you to. geez as if flash wasnt bad enough.

  8. Hippo Avatar

    Mr Wiz and Flash hate 3S which is fair enough but it is good to see Bunk working tirelessly for Alphaism fans to get a respected 3S player on to talk about shit.

    Very nice. Keep up the good work Bunk.

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