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Latest Episode of AlphaISM Radio Feat. FlashMetroid can be downloaded here: Almost 5 hours of goodness!!






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  1. Onblast Avatar

    Let me comment on a thing or two people said about 3rd Strike. The guys at the show don’t like the game – so you know their view is going to be biased, and I’d like to clarify some things.

    First off, they say “Playing solid is not an option because of parry”.
    Just think of it. Do you really think that people get away just being random? No, top players always play solid. They do the things that you’d expect them to do – and they get away with it. They zone, they play footsies, they go for the moves you know they will go for, and they rush down. Just watch some footage, don’t take people’s words for granted.
    Just pick any video you’d like:

    They say you can’t attack in that game. That there is no momentum. Again, just watch some footage – the game is more offensive than most games out there. There are some characters that are heavily based off momentum, such as Urien, Yang, Ibuki. People do heavy stuff off of a knockdown, against Ken or Dudley, falling to the ground just once may mean that you just lost that round.
    In SF4, you need to stop your offense everytime, because people are mashing on block. If you are bodying someone, watch out, because now they have Ultra, so you better tone down your offensive. If your fighting against Fei Long, it’s even worse because you’ll fear attacking that counter super – and all it’s option selects.

    In CVS2, you could make a move invincible “JUST BECAUSE”, and yet the guy complains about a fucking throw option select. In SF4 you have brainless option selects, even DP-OS… safe DP opportunities, cmon!

    People don’t know jack about this game, they hate it because of what it meant to the OG’s back then, and they never really got this game right. They overestimate some game mechanics – check out how often do redparries appear in hi-level play. It’s as absurd as saying you don’t like SF4 because you can focus everything.

    I keep saying to watch some footage, because i’d like you to see 3rd strike with your own eyes. Try out the game, and I think you have a great time.

    By the way… way to go, Mr.Wizard… at 56:40 he says if the fans want it, the game will be there, but later on he ditches the chance of 3soe of appearing next Evo.

  2. SHOGUN Avatar

    Not technically a Download link Bunk, but pretty stoked on listening, nevertheless!

    And dude, you’re a phenomenal electric violinist! You ever think about doing some gigs at coffee shops, bars and/or festivals in Seattle? Like at Bumbershoot or The Bite of Seattle?

  3. Bunkei Avatar

    3 words: full time job; but yeah, I’d love to play the violin for others on an amateur basis, or perhaps as part of a band.

  4. Hippo Avatar

    Oh hell yeah — 5 hours of goodness to checkout. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Also, I agree with Shogun you’re an outstanding electric violinist.

    Thanks again Bunk you spread a lot of joy and entertainment with your podcasts.

  5. Madgief Avatar

    I love the way you play the violin, its great sex music!

  6. mvc3isforkids Avatar

    wtf, bunkei you are a black guy? I’m sorry to here that. But, hey it’s cool, i enjoy your shows.

  7. Bunkei Avatar

    Sorry to hear I’m black … ? That’s a first…

  8. Bunkei Avatar

    You’ll burn some calories if you had sex to “Art of Life”!

  9. Fuziun Avatar

    Can’t wait to re-listen to this one later this week. And yea, I joined the channel just to see the pic of the stalker. Don’t judge me.

  10. Madgief Avatar

    @Bunkei the music was so Orgasmic that my girl friend who once was a BBW, is now a dead lookalike to Kim Kardashian, And have I have all but to thank you! we musta rocked that bed no less than 40 hours had your shit on loop. thank you bunk!

  11. Bunkei Avatar

    @MadGief err .. Thank you! that wasn’t exactly what I had in mind but I’m glad to oblige to gettin that nut out .. no homo ..

  12. Madgief Avatar

    no no, the pleasure was all mine! LOL lookin forward to the next podcast bud! keep up the great work!

  13. Bunkei Avatar

    @madgief “the pleasure was all mine” .. hahaha good choice of words

  14. 8ight Avatar

    Bunkei… this show was awesome. Not only did you interview one of the more interesting players out there, but you did so very extensively. And there was a lot of discussion on several games! And jokes, let’s not forget about the jokes. An absolutely wonderful show, Bunk! Well done!

  15. Madgief Avatar

    Seriously Bunk you put a smile to my Day no homo your work is greatly appreciated I hope this show Has many More Years of awesomeness! thanks again and I agree with all you said 8ight!

  16. Hippo Avatar

    Yeah that was amazing interview and the whole show was enjoyable as fuck. Hahaha in the end Bunk said fuck this MVC3 xfactor talk hahahha had me rolling.

    Great show

  17. SodaPOP Avatar

    See Bunk, this is why I love this show. Where else can I listen to Flashmetroid tell the story of his creepy stalker while the VERY noticeable sound of oral sex can be heard in the background? No where else, that’s where. Love the show Bunkei. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Bunkei Avatar

    @SodaPOP hahahaha … glad you liked it ๐Ÿ™‚

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