OK OK OK! I’m not canceling Bu…

OK OK OK! I’m not canceling Bunkei’s Corner! Jeez .. if you all you guys that wrote in ACTUALLY CAME ON THE SHOW, it would be epic!

11 responses to “OK OK OK! I’m not canceling Bu…”

  1. Well Hot digity I just Cummed My Pants, God damn time to rejoyce. This must mean that the warm baby oil message still on baby!

  2. just wana rub warm baby oil all over your warm masculine body oh oh a im a ca ca ccccccuummminnnnnnnngggggg (^o^),i caqnt hold back!

  3. Great news! I’d love to come on problem is I’m in Australia and when you normally have your show live I’m asleep or at work.

    Regardless this is some amazing news. So happy that the fans voiced their desire for why this show is so important.


  4. As an avid listener of Bunkei’s Corner, hearing this update makes me very, VERY happy. 🙂

  5. And to think I was going to let this show go down quietly. Good to see it’s not going anywhere!

    This show is very solid when it comes to real life perspectives of the fighting game community. My actual first episode I heard, live at that, had to deal with $5 billion XD. On and off I’ve been listening since.

    I would pounce on the opportunity to call in. Keep it up Bunk, I love the show.

  6. Glad to hear you’re sticking around. It really wouldn’t be the same without you, man!

  7. Thank god ya continuing. After semi recently finding out this show exists, I’d hate to see it depart.

  8. Whoa! Thanks Bunk! I hope I’m off the next time a live show is going on, I’d like to sit in the IRC Channel or even call in.

  9. I am so happy to hear this bunk! I died a little inside when I read you were planning on ending the show. I can’t participate in the live show because I work evenings. I started listening to this show for the fighting game info, but now love all the randomness. The episode where you busted out your violin and played some was probably my favorite. Thank you so much for continuing, this is my favorite podcast by a mile.

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