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Bunkei’s Corner Episode 48 (Post-Evo Coverage) is now available for download: http://t.co/75oesHq






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  1. mvc3isforkids Avatar

    Yes!!! thx bunkei for the upload. So, awesome one of these days im going to suck your dick for making great shows. straight up.

  2. Hippo Avatar

    Hi Bunkei,

    I’ve been downloading alphaism / bunks corner / grits and garvey etc etc for what 5 years now and you know I don’t agree at all when you say that there is no need for alphaism / bunkei’s corner anymore. Alphaism / bunkei’s corner is like an open forum (in audio form) for people to talk about shit be it fighting game related or not and it fills a super important role in the fighting game community not only in the past but still to this day.
    You honestly think the Wakeup SRK’s, the cross counters, etc would have players on that might not be even any good at fighting games but are willing to just shoot the shit? No they would not. However, Alphaism and now Bunkei’s Corner has exposed the FGC to so many amazing personalities that otherwise would have never got the chance to speak their mind (Such as deadlyraveneo). It was also the launching pad for people such as:

    Spooky (You having him on during a time when he was ‘small time’and was seen to be hurting the FGC because he pirated 360 ver of SF. Letting him just speak his mind and explain what team spooky was I honestly think won Spooky over a lot of fans)

    Furthermore, it had people on such as Dark Prince (for example) that would not get the time of day on any normal podcast because he would perceived to be a troll or whatever else (I think Dark Prince shows were some of the best in Alphaism history)
    Alphaism / Bunkei’s corner is 100% independent which really helps when you want to have on people that are the “heels” of the community and that is but another thing which is so wonderful about it.

    If you really don’t want to do Alphaism / Bunkei’s corner anymore, I respect your wishes. However, if you are stopping because deep down you feel there is no need for it than I FOR ONE will attest to why it so goddamn important 100% relevant to this day.
    If there was ever a time for Alphaism / Bunkei’s Corner fans to speak their mind now is that time SHOW BUNK WHY YOU FEEL THE SHOW IS STILL IMPORTANT AND MUST GO ON.

    Written via mobile phone (Excuse any typos or errors)

  3. Bunkei Avatar

    I’m speechless .. (which is a rarity for me)

  4. Bunkei Avatar

    Thanks for the kind words, and you’re right that there have been great personalities that have come through the show over the years. However, my heart isn’t in it anymore, and I feel like I would be doing a disservice to all my fans (yes, all 15 of you :)) if I try to force it. I can’t believe you wrote all that on your cellphone .. you must have took two days to complete!

  5. 8ight Avatar

    If you truly do feel that your heart’s not in it anymore, I think everyone will understand. Just know that there are those of us who really appreciate the podcast 🙂

    I’m a new guy, really… I got into SF4 during the summer of 09, and I’ve listened since then, I believe.

    What makes Bunkei’s corner great is, like Hippo stated, that it is like an open forum, which is the reason why it’s become one of my favourite podcasts (and I listen to a ton of podcasts).

  6. Madgief Avatar

    your number 1 bunkei! and am willing to do the same as mvc3isforkids for the show!

  7. mvc3isforkids Avatar

    But foreal.

    Why not stick around and do a podcast from time to time. Your show is basically the rated R of shows. Which, means your show is underground. Your show is the only show…….Listen Only show that gives the non elite a voice. I never listen to wakesup SRK, Avoiding the puddle, neoempire, so on because it’s super mainstream, and that shows is on some “if you haven’t made a name for yourself, well they will look over you”

    They will deny it, but still those are elite shows(for fanboys and dick riders for top players ), and that are only on some “let’s talk about your life and how you got into gaming Mr. elite player” Like I give a damn.

    You can disagree, but it’s the truth and everyone knows it. Fuck I’ll say it I’ll say it. People like me which are alot knows that the fighting game community (SRK) are elitist and the things the site and official partners of that site are pretty much on the same things. It’s boring, not open source at all, doesn’t give the common fighting game fan a voice, button down, boring,and again not open source. It’s good to have them around for the dickriders, but other then that no one truly listen to those shows.

    I’m sorry, a lot of the fg community are all grown up, and not blind to this. Those podcast are almost worst then the (I got Next documentary) it’s sad when you already know they the movie is going to front like these 5 6 elitist players are the voices of the FG community, which is bullshit and is the reason didn’t watch the movie. Everyone does not play mainstream games, and are not fans of people that play them, but are still fans of fighting games.

    That’s were you came in. You gave us a voice and your show is the very last program that’s fighting game related/random I tune into. Once these show is gone, that’s pretty much the last piece of entertainment I have from the FG related shows.

    To make it simple ski and keits and whoever might have fighting knowledge but that doesn’t not make it entertaining, it makes it dull. A Lot of people listen to podcast for entertainment, and like the shows to just talk and speak their minds on the drama related news, arguments/debates that are not clean cut, random people calling in, funny situations that are not clean cut, so on. I can keep going and show you that these other programs will never have. Because they are like shows for sheep, and I wouldn’t be surprise if they go away over time, because I know for a fact randoms don’t listen to them.

    Are show is for the people, by the people, and gives randoms a voice and interest in FG and non FG subjects. Once you r gone, trust me, others are not going to fall in line and become sheep to other podcast, and listen to something that doesn’t entertain them, nor do they care about.

    After listening for your show for years, it’s impossible to even care or tune in to other shows. You might not believe it, but it’s true. It’s like watching raw hardcore porn on the net, it been replaced with with booty shaking videos on youtube. No nudity just women shake their ass and I suppose to jack off to that.

  8. Steve loire Avatar
    Steve loire

    Bunkei I’ve been following your show for the last 3 years.
    This is my favorite Podcast man!

  9. Fuziun Avatar

    You don’t know me because I always catch the shows after they have been recorded, but I have to echo the previous posts. I listen to this podcast because it gives people a voice in the community that would otherwise be ignored. It’s raw and has crazy topics up for debate, not all just dealing with fighting games. I hoped to one day join the discussions because I have actually caught the last few episodes live, but that’s okay.

    I know it’s your choice to end it, but I just need to let you know that I appreciate all the awesome episodes you and your guests have put together, for being able to let other non-elite players have a place to socialize and spread their thoughts. I’ve only been listening for less than a year, but damn I am going to miss it.

  10. HOLD DAT Avatar

    Hippo & MVC3isforkids have both done an outstanding job of putting it down why this show must not die..but let me tune in too

    i dont give a fuck about wakeup srk i dont give a fuck about avoiding the puddle and i sure as hell dont give a fuck any other dick riding podcast that is out there

    just do like what 2 podcasts a month or something

    i never ever got why you wanted skisonic to run alphaism. we the fans of alphaism the real fans and not most of the dick riders that hang out on IRC channels such as #capcom (trolling and frankly being dick riders) have always loved this show because of you BUNK its funny that you never realized that after all these years..you are an amazing fucking host

    to lose this podcast will be a sad sad fucking day in fighting game history…the community is already losing so much of its roots and foundations to lose you would be but another huge blow and a sign that the sheep of the FGC have won

    how can you say your hearts not in it anymore after reading some of the replies you’re getting?

    in my darkest hours it was this show that would bring a smile to my face and remind me that yo just have some fun son

    people that have criticized you for not being able to attend EVO or other tournaments can all go eat a fucking dick…you know some people have responsibilities which limit their traveling time if people cant understand that than they are not worth even paying any mind to

    im holding onto the hope that you will change your mind because if you dont than after ep 50 i think i wont be able to hold back from crying because this show has been one of those things in life that have enjoyed so much and has given to me so much that i dont know son its just heart breaking

    just when I thought Bunkeis corner was going from strength to strength reading that ep 50 would be the last show made my heart sink and made me sick to my stomach

  11. Madgief Avatar

    hey bunkei how about I give you a warm baby oil message! naked! nohomo! japanese style, while jerking off to your latest podcast and… watching don’t drink your juice in the hood and owning daigo’s ass with my stick yeshomo. will that convince you to carry on your podcast?

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