Bunkei’s Corner Episode 48 can…

Bunkei’s Corner Episode 48 cancelled due to excellent Evo AE matches; rescheduled for sometime next week.






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  1. im black Avatar
    im black

    man no joke. AE had to be the most boring game in history to watch. This is what happens when the same franchise/game is milked milked milked to death.

  2. SHOGUN Avatar

    I don’t know about that. I saw some pretty exciting matches. It’s not every day you see this level of competitiveness Lots of upsets tonight and a lot more Fei Longs and C. Vipers than I thought there would be. I think a Daigo/Poongko finale would be the icing on the proverbial cake. MvC3 tomorrow should be insane! Congrats to the 8 finalists!

  3. Cuuri Avatar

    I think we’ll have to wait for the next SF for the playing field to even out and things to become less boring. Yun just shows how good of a player Daigo is, he’s untouchable right now. Maybe that’s another reason people like Justin focus more on Marvel. It’s more fun to watch when we don’t look so free.

  4. shugendo Avatar

    I knew it! Mvc3 is so easy even a 8 year old can do it. Plus, that 8 year old place like top 38 and he wasn’t even good, he didn’t the most basic stuff which is only required to pull off a win. Just wow a lot of people that saw mvc3 as a scrub friendly game have to be laughing right now. After the kid got knocked out, then I stopped watching, everything else was dull. LOL it’s mvc3.

    It’s funny because I bet the kid will be interviewed like crazy, and be a major highlight when the simple fact was people know he was on the border line of decent for a newcomer scrub. He spammed the C button with scrub version of hulk(Mvc3 hulk), and A,B,B,C, super with hulk, sentinel,or forgot other character. hahaha this is great. This only help exposed the game even more with dumb down bs this game has to offer.

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