Bunkei’s Corner Episode 45 is …

Bunkei’s Corner Episode 45 is now available for download: http://t.co/Po8aKwX Topics: SBO Quals, AE, Super MvC3, GGPO + random






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  1. AZ Avatar

    There is no MidCal or CenCal. I’m from SoCal (grew up in LA; now living in the OC), and people usually refer to that area as Mid-State.

    Me: “Where’s Salinas?”
    Friend: “Mid-State area, near Monterey.”

    Nice episode. 🙂

    It’s too bad you’re not attending EVO this year, Bunkei. 🙁

  2. Bunkei Avatar

    Yeah, I wish I could go; I have a feeling it will be epic beyond words.

    As for Midcal, as I’ve confirmed on the radio. MidCal DOES exist. We have the following

    – t-shirts
    – ponies
    – Midcal Construction
    – MidCal MotorSports
    = MidCal Escrow

    (verified by Google)

    Embrace your heritage young man

  3. steve loire Avatar
    steve loire

    Hey Bunkei, I’m form the Philippines we wanted to let you know that you have alot of listeners here. Nice episode =) hope you can do weekly Episode.
    Do you think that the Top 8 for AE and Marvel will all be Japanese?

  4. Bunkei Avatar

    Wow, the Philippines!!! Thanks for tuning in!

    No, I don’t think AE Top 8 will be all Japanese players, as that would be the ultimate embarrassment. I think that some of the contenders last year (like Mike Ross, GamerBee, Justin, etc) have a shot.

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