Bunkei’s Corner Episode 42 is …

Bunkei’s Corner Episode 42 is now available for download: http://t.co/iilMGIm






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  1. Momotaro Avatar

    Good show, but I think y’all missed a major problem with the FG community nowadays.

    It’s full of double standards.

  2. SammyHu8 Avatar

    I agree Momotaro.

    Chindogg is a great example. He’s a mvc3 fan, yet thinks marvel 2 is shit, and can come up with every reason whats wrong with the game. Which, proves my points all the mvc2 vs mvc3 talk is irrelevant if there no mvc2 players there to debate.

    Btw, you guys are wrong there are players that can beat top tier with low tier. Plenty of them. There’s just not big names, mostly underground players. So, I hate to say it, there so many flaws and double standards whenever mvc2 is brought up as a topic on the radio it’s laughable. (((((((It sounds like if I was to walk into a room full of mvc3 players that were never good at mvc2, mvc1, xvsf, etc…. trying to act like they no what their talking about when it comes to flaws within mvc2, yet they were not even close to solid at the game. So how does that even add up?)))))

    Heres a example.

    Remember when you say to players like me ( It’s not the game it’s just you) ? How does this not apply when you guys speak on mvc2/sf2/etc….

    see what I’m saying.

    but whatever. good show.

  3. JD Avatar

    Hey Bunk could you please use the old format you had for downloading shows? My work filter blocks the site when I click the link to download an old episode.

    Love the show and keep up the great work!

  4. Bunkei Avatar

    Not sure what you mean by old format …

  5. JD Avatar

    When I click the link it gets blocked by my works filter, labeling it as “social networking website”. This doesn’t happen for Episode 40 but happens for Episode 41&42.

    Just wondering if anything changed between Episode 40 to 41 with the way you upload the shows.

  6. JD Avatar

    I’m not a computer expert by any means but I was able to get it to work. I simply used the url https://alphaism.com/radio/bunkeiscornereps40.mp3 and changed it from 40 to 41 and it not works.

    I guess on your previous links this URL was written out so it wasn’t an issue with my work filter.

    Sorry for clogging your comments! Love the show!! Bring back JustOwnin!!!

  7. JD Avatar

    **and changed it from 40 to 41 and it now works.

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