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  1. Ramu Avatar

    Thanks for clearing things up, Bunkei.

    Also re the inter-personal skills they are mostly told how to reply to situations so to save the company the most amount of money. They are told that Re-founds and the like without proper review is looked down on since it loses the company money.

    It is stupid as fuck don’t get me wrong these companies that are out sourcing though know very well what they want out of the whole thing and that is – people that will not back down from the company policy and that the COMPANY they are working for is always in the right (and not the other way around)

    I’ve visited India many times and in the south of India English is almost like a 1st language and not a second. Many people are very welcoming and understanding in English it is only that the people they get for call centers are pretty much told how to act as to save the company most amount of money and im not gonna lie they fucking suck ass to deal with but to the company that hires them they are saving them money so whatever (because most people just blame the call centers and not the company that is hiring them for their policy)

    If more people left a company like you did because of poor customer service maybe things would be different but it seems from how much they save they can afford to lose a few customers here and there.

    End of the day I don’t really care for rude and robotic like customer service on the phone but these rich as fuck companies don’t really give two fucks since they are saving so much which is their own prerogative.

    I’m just happy that you cleared up the fact that you’re not holding this against a whole race of people just against shitty customer service that is outsourced.


  2. Madgief Avatar

    Its okay, Its okay!

  3. killamogwai Avatar

    Hey man I liked your Biblical views and thoughts today.I’m a Christian and found your insights to be spot on. “No one knows about that day or hour” that scripture pretty much puts all those predictions to rest. On another note do you have the link with that Tom Brady Q&A? I’d like to check that out. Good stuff as always and sorry to hear about the squad taking you for a ride. I stay away from them myself after hearing all the bad stories.

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