Short Episode of Bunkei’s Corn…

Short Episode of Bunkei’s Corner airs LIVE tonight @ 8:45 pm PT/11:45 pm ET | Topic: Bunkei sets the record straight on comments made






3 responses to “Short Episode of Bunkei’s Corn…”

  1. Killamogwai Avatar

    Hey man it was cool to hear you expose Camping and give your take on biblical events and false prophets. I’m a Christian myself and found your insights to be pretty much spot on. On another note do happen to have that link with Tom Brady that you were playing clips of? Also I think mk will make it past evo despite how a lot of people feel and it having crappy net code. But the net code does needs to patched, that code is garbage.

  2. Bunkei Avatar

    Thanks for the kind works Killamogwai; I’d suggest sending a message to MrMet for the link to the Tom Brady clip.

  3. killamogwai Avatar

    Thanks, I’ll try to find his contact on srk. I just realized I put this comment on the wrong episode thats why you probably got a similar message on episode 36.

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