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You can download Episode 35 of Bunkei’s Corner here:






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  1. Ramu Avatar

    Great show Bunkei. I was really sad to hear you say that you were becoming somewhat racist against Indians. I am of Indian decent but born in the west and I don’t follow the customs of my heritage but I wanted to say these Indian workers at these call centers are really just doing the job the large corps have given them so the corps can exploit cheap labor for a job that most westerners (lets be honest) would not want to take at such low pay.

    I hope you don’t become racist towards all Indians because of these call center people and have cooled down.

    Have a nice day from one of your biggest fans.

  2. Bunkei Avatar

    No, I’m not becoming racist against indians (that was an exaggeration to make a point). However, I’ve had several bad experiences with indians in call centers. From someone whose line of work is mostly customer service, there are some who definitely need some training. I agree that these large corporations are exploiting the cheap labor, and that’s a topic for another show. Sure, they can speak english, but the art of listening, empathizing, and the desire to make the customer feel valued is missing.

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