Last night was the Tougeki SBO 2011 qualifier for Super Street Fighter 2 X(Turbo to us Americans) and it featured some of the hardest hitters in the ST world such as Noguchi(Claw), Nuki(Chun), YuuVega(Dictator), Shiki(Boxer), Muteki(Guile), and Komoda(Blanka). The format was a special 5on5 format, but the ruling is that only 3/5’s of the team can participate in SBO Final, which is likely slated for this September.

Anyway, enough rambling! Here is the link to the recording. Some of the cleanest ST play in the world EVER. Please enjoy and always remember that ST is alive somewhere in the world!

Tougeki SBO 2011 SSF2X qualifier

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