You can download Episode 33 of…

You can download Episode 33 of Bunkei’s Corner here:

7 responses to “You can download Episode 33 of…”

  1. Yeah, I liked the Mortal Kombat episode 🙂 The discussions were interesting, and the guests were too.


  3. bunk I just heard the pod cast and I am truly sorry to hear the bullshit your putting up with!

  4. Bunkei, I wish you all the best with your situation at work. From the way you made it sound, it seems like everything against you is either unsubstantiated, biased or straight-up hearsay, like you said. Is there anyone else in your workplace willing to vouch for you? So long as you’re getting those numbers and meeting performance quotas, then I couldn’t imagine any one from human resources coming in and making things go all for the worse. As far as they’re concerned, you’re doing fine.

    Also, great job with the recent episodes. Keep ’em coming!

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