One of THE best Bunkei’s Corne…

One of THE best Bunkei’s Corner episodes, Episode 32 is available for download:

11 responses to “One of THE best Bunkei’s Corne…”

  1. Yeah, I like longer shows too. But I think it’s best to cut some shows short if there’s nothing left to talk about. Perhaps if you were to come on … 😛

  2. Omg bunk you are going off your nut man your last run of shows has been amazing really giving me that old alphaism vibe but with the random talk I love.

    You and Dr Sub Zero were the two podcasts I loved the most because you know you both keep it real and have fun..and do it for the love of the community

    Of course Dr Subzero has been done for a while now but I’m happy you are still around. I don’t know if you know but you got a lot of fans around the world so even if it might not be tons of people able to check your show out line they always make sure to download the MP3

    Thanks again bunk I really do love your show a ton and its good to see someone that was doing this podcast stuff from the get go still has a love for it and still enjoys himself

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