Bunkei’s Corner Episode 32 (Br…

Bunkei’s Corner Episode 32 (Broadcasting live at http://ustre.am/icNf)






4 responses to “Bunkei’s Corner Episode 32 (Br…”

  1. Killamogwai Avatar

    Great episode bunk. You should try and get 9.95, dark rob and tim static on another show.

  2. Bunkei Avatar

    Who, Who, and What? I don’t recognize any of those names. LOL!

  3. killamogwai Avatar

    haha sorry. 9.95 and Dark Rob were mentioned quickly by Tom Brady. They pretty much help run the tournament scene for ultimate mk3 along with Tim Static and Shock. They were all on another podcast last year that was very insightful and funny talking about MK9’s expectations. It would be cool to hear what they think of the new game. They can all be contacted through http://ultimatemk.com on the forums. Also here is the url for that old podcast I mentioned. http://ultimatemk.com/?s=podcast

  4. BliffBlezinski Avatar

    Yeah, pretty good show up until Chin completely derailed it.
    The people that complain about wanting less blood/gore are just as bad as those that complain about wanting more.

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