“Patience is a virtue”

Hey everyone,

For those wondering what happened with the latest AlphaISM podcast, skisonic is currently editing it. Once he finishes, he will upload for all to enjoy. It was definitely a great show for the MvC2 enthusiasts. Let’s hope that MvC3 will have an equally long and evolving shelf life in the community.

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  1. played the game at a friends house and boy….it just what I thought it was going to be. The scrubs that were there that sucked at marvel even the game was really basic and mash friendly. And they were ass at mvc2. I asked my boy who own the the game what he think he say give it 7 months when people finally look pass the pretty animation and gimmicky 72 hit combos.

    When you hop into the game the controls will be weird, so the game will seem hard to play, but when you get comfortable with the horrible control scheme and movesets the combos will be straight forward. If you are a hardcore vs game player this will be a decent side game for you. I not bashing the game, but damn please dont go into the game thinking it’s a vs game because of the name.

    thats cool and all. But trust me the majority people are going to find out the hard way. The learning curve is there, that’s in any good or bad game. But the magic is not there. Don’t make the game complex as you think it is. I and others predicated this shit was going to be very gimmicky and once people get pass the gimmicky ass 80 hit combos and pretty lights. They going to realize that this isn’t the game we were waiting for 10 years before. This is a game we were waiting for after the release date of tvc.

    mvc2 will be making a comeback and i mean hard. maybe not high tier, but definitely low tier.

  2. for those reason the game will bring people in the scene which is good. So, it’s all good I guess.

    i don’t give a shit about justin wong opinion by any means, but he’s right.

    check this about bunk you might find it interesting

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