Episode 20 of Bunkei’s Corner …

Episode 20 of Bunkei’s Corner can be downloaded here: https://alphaism.com/radio/bunkeiscornereps20.mp3






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  1. dreamboi Avatar

    No, shinblanka missed my point. Let me break it down for you.

    Do you think capcom’s motive is to close the gap between the people that comes up with crazy combos with hours in the training room vs the people the want to impress with 5 minutes in the training room. It’s like true creativity is out the door and replaced with gimmicky creativity, so that’s newcomers can make the crowd go wild with little to no effort for the first time in vs history? idk.. whatever.

    First of there are pros for mvc3, because I dont want people to think I’m bashing it.

    1. It’s a new game.
    2. More people will play.
    3. better graphics

    As for the cons

    1. Mvc3 is Mash friendly/ scrub friendly which is what capcom wants.
    2. Execution is very simplified. I already see basic air combos that take close if not over 50%. Now scrubs are going to think their godlike when deadliest combos are now simplified. Noone has perfect blocking especially in a mash friendly game, so once that scrub gets a random hit in they now have a huge amount of hitstun to executed huge damage with little effort.well…..
    3.In previous games long combos took effort,timing, practice and skill. In previous vs titles something really advance and crazy can take less then 5 to 10 hits and make people go nuts. Yet, the new combo system is going to be gimmicky so that players can do the touch pad method like in tvc and do damn near 20+ hits that takes little effort.

    I understand that the system is tvc with mvc2 features. That’s fine. whatever, but

    do you think it will match or even come close to the previous vs games when it comes to effort to make the crowd go wild or do you think that shit is all gone(now it’s only about winning and giving newcomers the tools to win)

    I going to play mvc3, but seeing how 100% combos are so basic and execution is so it’s nothing mouth dropping about it. lol if people of capcom unity, ign, and gamefaqs are doing it already. I’m sorry…there’s nothing crazy about combos in this game.

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