Episode 19 of Bunkei’s Corner …

Episode 19 of Bunkei’s Corner can be downloaded here: https://alphaism.com/radio/bunkeiscornereps19.mp3






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  1. dream Avatar

    yo bunkei I know hoe you feel about this subject, but face the facts man. Games nowadays are why to damn scrubfriendly. sorry, but it is. I really dont see how people are going to be impressed with this easy ass games. I heard your past show on this matter, and felt I should throw in my 2 cents. Becuase, people are making great points on this stuff. Yea, it will draw in a scene but shit will not be impressive with gameplay.

    seem like a lot of people agree/ just wanted you to take a look for yourself, man.

    I enjoy your shows btw


  2. dream Avatar

    You are saying this, but consider the fact that one hit confirm can have said scrub beasting on you. No one has perfect blocking, anything can happen, I guess what im saying is trying to say is that i dont think that combos shouldn’t give such a high reward for such low execution. no effort

  3. dream Avatar

    In the end, it’s all good. I just think the way fgs are going to be nowadays in competitive play is fun and entertaining but not on the side of being shocked and amassed by the hype of some hard as technical skill or combo.

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