More AE Updates!

So, AE has finally gone into operation in Japan and everyone is waiting on those vids to come out. At the moment there are two active channels and one of them belongs to two of the top 8 SBO finishes: Kim1234 and Air! There are still vids being uploaded to the account as we speak. Meanwhile, on the A-cho front, still no updates yet. Seems that they will be updating in bulk since it’s 8 hours of footage, so some patience will definitely have to be exercised here(WHERE ARE THE VIDS ALREADY?!).

Also, Tokido has started his very own blog titled as ‘Confessions of a Murder Face.’ Quite possibly one of the greatest blog names I’ve ever ran into on the internet. Do favorite the blog as it will be updated in English and will chronicle the many arcade adventures of Tokido as well as his travels to various tournies around the globe.






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