SSF4: Afterparty Edition!

Desora(famous ratio 4 Raiden player in CvS2 and also known for his Gouken in SF4 console) posted on his facebook last night advertising a gathering AND afterparty on December 16th(the day AE goes into operation in Japan) for SSF4:AE at Neo Amusement Space A-cho, which is one of the most popular arcades in all of Japan. A-cho is known for uploading footage directly onto their website from popular games such as Guilty Gear Accent Core, Melty Blood, Street Fighter Alpha 3, and of course, SF4. All vids will be uploaded to their Youtube account the day after(12/17) so the wait will definitely be worth it. 8.5 hours of footage has been promised and I think that’s enough to please anyone that has been waiting for this latest revision in the SF4 line.






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