The Super SF4 AE hype train continues!

So, I’m pretty sure we’ve all been reading up on all the change lists coming out of the wood work as of late. Makes sense since SSF4 AE is due out in a few weeks in arcades in Japan. Over at, though, our good friend Reno has decided to post up some liner notes regarding everyone’s favorite set of twins: Yung and Yang. Mago and Tokido gave the characters a test run in this month’s Arcadia magazine. Enjoy the writeup, has some really good tidbits if you’re deciding on maining Yun or Yang.






2 responses to “The Super SF4 AE hype train continues!”

  1. migrations Avatar

    Thanks for the updates!

  2. migrations Avatar

    Yun and Yang….. Still I’m sad Rolento isn’t around.

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