Bunkei’s Corner Episodes 5 & 6 available for download

Sorry peeps,

I’ve been slacking with updating the site .. Anyways, here’s the links to the most recent Bunkei’s Corner podcasts:

Episode 5

Episode 6

Remember, the most up-to-date info about Bunkei’s Corner or AlphaISM Radio can be found on our twitter.







3 responses to “Bunkei’s Corner Episodes 5 & 6 available for download”

  1. JeepTie Avatar

    Thanks for the uploads. I’m never able to listen to these live so really appreciate it. Maybe you mention it in either of these episodes but when is ski exactly ready take the reins for AlphaISM again? He mentioned taking it back a couple of weeks ago on Wakeup Shoryuken, but there’s still nothing..

    Not meaning to hurry you guys up in any way. This is my favorite show (Bunk’s corner included) and as long as there’s stuff coming I’ll keep listening and waiting 🙂

  2. Bunkei Avatar

    I haven’t ski very much lately. I’ll ask him to post an update on twitter.

  3. migrations Avatar

    Man I tried to join the show and that shit didn’t work so I bought a mic for next time.

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