New AlphaISM Podcast scheduled for Tonight @ 4 pm PST/7 pm EST | Topic: Triforce’s comments about Justin Wong, etc

Podcast is now available for download! Click here.

Yo everyone,

I’m scheduling a show tonight to allow Henry Cen and Marn (as my guests) to reply to the statements made by Triforce in his latest video (link). In addition to letting them tell their side of the story, I will point out specific comments that even I, as an onlooker, find fault. For example, it’s said in the video that Empire “made” Justin Wong. I have a big, big problem with that statement, which I’ll explain on the show. It looks to be a very fun, informative, maybe even heated show.

P.S. I did leave Justin a message letting him know of the show and that he’s invited to come on if he chooses to do so. He’s been pretty conservative on his comments regarding leaving Empire, so I don’t expect that he would say much, if anything at all. I respect his right to move on with his professional gaming career.

See ya @ 4!






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  3. killatran Avatar

    the interview was interesting till whoever larry is came on.

  4. upchuck Avatar

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  6. migrations Avatar

    Yo man Larry is cool

  7. migrations Avatar


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