New show scheduled for Saturday, July 31 @ 7 pm PST | Topic: What should Capcom do with 3s online?

Edit (7-31-10): You can download this podcast here. Enjoy!!

Hey everyone,

As I expected, the recent announcement of SFIII 3s online and the message from Ono welcoming our suggestions has splintered the community (at least, the community that cares about 3s). Though much of what I’ve read over the past week is filled with idiocy and outright silliness, there has been some valid points on both sides of the issue. Those who are against a rebalanced mode argue that most people who ask for a rebalance wouldn’t be able to take advantage of such changes anyway, as they do not play the game on a competitive level. Having an arcade-perfect (or at least close to it) would mean easier access for the hardcore 3s community, who had to resort to last-gen consoles to play it.

Those for a rebalance argues that the game, unlike ST, is horribly unbalanced. At medium and high level play, the game is dominated by four characters. They feel that attention to the mid and lower tier characters could rejuvenate the scene–not split it. They contend that OGs who argue on the premise that a rebalance would split the community does not hold water; a rebalance would no more split the community than a sequel.

I have an idea (which I’ll discuss in more detail) that I think will be a fair compromise. Let’s hope …

See ya @ 7!






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  1. migrations Avatar

    I started listening to these shows a few weeks ago and have been waiting second by second for the next installment.

    “Cus tonights gonna be a good night, yes tonights gonna be a good night.”

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