ALPHAISM RADIO SPECIAL!!! Tuesday, April 27th @ 12 pm PST, Bunkei celebrates the launch of SSF4! (UPDATED!)

Edit: You can download Part 1 (12 pm – 2pm) here. Part 2 to be continued this weekend where I will reveal the mystery guest, and give listeners a chance to take advantage of an awesome deal!

Hey everyone,

It’s nice to be back for a minute and host a special episode of AlphaISMRadio. I can’t believe it! We’re almost there to April 27th to play probably the most anticipated game in years (yes, even surpassing vanilla SF4). I have one helluva show lined up for you. First, Shinblanka, Keits (organizer behind MWC, the country’s first major SF tournament featuring SSF4), and sp00ky (make sure you check out his site and 24/7 SSF4 stream here) will be joining me to talk about SSF4 and the recent trailer for Marvel vs Capcom 3 (hell hath officially frozen over!).

Furthermore, I have a mystery guest that I plan to have on the show. I can tell you right now that you don’t know him. However, once I show you what he does in his free time, you will be NO DOUBT interested. I won’t tell you who he is or what he does (you’ll have to watch this space on Tuesday for that). However, I can tell you this: what he does is something that will definitely be interesting to those who plan on playing SSF4 hardcore. If you MISS THIS SHOW, you WILL miss out on a deal that will -never- be repeated again. Let me restate: There will be a deal just for you listeners that will NOT be done again. Ever.

More to come … 😉

P.S. Still looking for an editor for my SSF4 site. More on that later too.






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    awesome, I’ll check it out. I hate it how all the SFIV podcasts fell off…

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