AlphaISM Podcast from Wednesday’s show is now available for download!

Yo folks,

Here’s the podcast from Wednesday’s show talking about the revelation of the Third Strike characters for SSF4. Of course, being AlphaISM Radio, we talked about other stuff too, including talk about “the dream” I had. Very very disturbing, very very funny. Enjoy!!

Link 1

Link 2

Note: You must download both files before you can extract them.






3 responses to “AlphaISM Podcast from Wednesday’s show is now available for download!”

  1. Jacob Avatar

    Those dl links are bs how could you direct people to that crap? popups all over and “ten minute quiz” to download. I tried for awhile here but I cant manage to get the download without some script trying to jack my computer or tell me a friend has a crush on me. If you don’t have any money then upload the show in parts to youtube. Stop being stupid.

  2. Bunkei Avatar

    I haven’t heard of complaints about the download links, and frankly your attitude stinks. Perhaps AlphaISM Radio is not for you.

  3. […] show can be overly long, nonsensical, random but ALWAYS hilarious. From prank calls, to Wii Boxing, to Face-Gina dreams and which way Keit’s weeping willow bends, to shit talk central, Alphaism radio has it all. To be fair, the show can also be very informative […]

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