New AlphaISM Podcast scheduled for Saturday, January 30 (UPDATED)

Here’s the download links to this podcast:

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Note: You will need to download all 3 files to extract the podcast.

Yo everyone!

I’ve scheduled a live AlphaISM Radio Podcast for 6:00 pm PST/9:00 pm EST. We’ll have some news for Final Round fans that you’ll definitely like if you’re a Tekken 6 fan 😉 Also, I’m proud to bring back prank calls to AlphaISM Radio that were so popular in the past. This one is special as the prank call will be to my aunt, who has an explosive temper. I plan to tell her that her Social Security will be cut down to $20 per month. I will use a southern accent, and will refer to her “negro woman” to get her riled up. Don’t worry; she hasn’t talked to me in over 2 years, so she won’t know my voice. This should be an epic call that should easily sail into all-time prank call HOF.

P.S. I’m STILL looking for a chief editor for my new SSF4 site. Read the previous blog entry for details.

See ya Saturday!

If you want to participate, simply follow the steps below. (Microphone is required, laptop mics are NOT allowed)

1) Download Skype.

2) Install and add Benji-man01 as the contact via Tools.

3) Simply select Benji-man01 by right clicking the name on the Contact list, and select “Start Call”.

4) Join our IRC channel, #alphaismradio on EFnet, or if you do not have an IRC client, try out our webchat version.






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