Show your support for Final Round XIII! (March 12-14)

Yo everyone,

One of the hottest tournaments of the year, Final Round, is just around the corner! For those of you who may not have attended last year’s tournament (shame on you!), let it be known that it was one of the HYPEST tournaments EVER with the release of Street Fighter 4 just a few weeks prior. Unfortunately, this time, the game won’t be released until a couple of weeks afterwards (end of March is what some retailers are speculating). To that end, I have a started a petition for Capcom to sponsor Final Round by bringing advanced copies of SSFIV, and holding a side tourney with good prizes, cash or otherwise.

I NEED YOUR HELP!!!! PLEASE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT BY POSTING ON THIS THREAD. WE CAN DO THIS IF WE MAKE A BIG ENOUGH FUSS ABOUT IT!!!! Think about it the past petitions to Capcom that worked (MvC 2 re-release, GGPO). So we know that they DO listen to us. So please, PLEASE show your support!

I’ll keep you informed on any updates regarding our petition.

Good luck to us all!






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