GGPO finally is being used in a Capcom Game!

Thanks to the hard work from Seth K. and others, I’m happy to report that GGPO is being used in the upcoming release of Final Fight Double Impact for PSN/XBLA. YES, we know it’s not a fighting game, but if we want it to be used in Capcom’s fighting games, we NEED to support this release. I really don’t care if you like FF or not, BUY THIS GAME. If this game is a flop, then obviously, we can pretty much be certain that GGPO won’t go much further than this release.

So again, BUY IT and leave a comment on the blog (Seth was really specific about making our verses heard). He wouldn’t ask this if there wasn’t important eyes who will be looking through the comments. Tell them that you’re buying it in support of GGPO.

PEOPLE, I cannot STRESS the importance of this. We’ve all clamored for the use of GGPO in Capcom’s fighting games. Capcom is testing the waters to see if it is indeed worth it, we need to respond with our wallets with a resounding “YES!!!”.






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