AlphaISM Radio returns live WEDNESDAY, November 25 @ 7:15 p.m. PST (UPDATED)

Yo everyone,

Edit: You can download the podcast for this show here.

While ski takes a much-deserved holiday break, I’ll be once again stepping in the hosting shoes and put on a live show on Thanksgiving Eve. As you probably heard by now, Guy/Cody/Adon has been confirmed for Super Street Fighter IV. I *hope* to have a Street Fighter Alpha expert and talk about what these characters bring to the table. Are you hype??!!!

Also we’ll be talking a bit about Black Friday, and what deals there will be that are of interest. If you know of a great Black Friday deal, please contact me. AIM is Bunkei0, e-mail is, or better yet, JUST SHOW UP ON THE SHOW!!!

Of other news, I will also touch on my plans for my banned Xbox 360, and a warning to those who were affected by Microsoft’s massive banning of modded consoles. I’ll also give you my take on the likelihood of legal action against Microsoft because of this.

It *will* be a fun show! Of course, I urge EVERYONE to participate. There’s no excuse. All you need is a microphone (laptop mics do NOT count, they’re horrible) or cellphone. Details on how to join the show are as follows:

1) Download Skype.

2) Install and add Benji-man01 as the contact via Tools.

3) Simply select Benji-man01 by right clicking the name on the Contact list, and select “Start Call”.

4) -OR- You can call the show using your landline/cellphone. The phone number is 206.201.2498. Keep in mind outbound calls are not free, and costs money. However, inbound calls do not cost anything, so feel free to call in often as you want.

5) Join our IRC channel, #alphaismradio on EFnet, or if you do not have an IRC client, try out our webchat version.






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