AlphaISM Radio podcast scheduled for TONIGHT @ 7 pm PST! Topic: Tekken 6 (UPDATED)

Yo everyone,

Tonight we have (hopefully) a special show dedicated to Tekken 6. Since neither ski or I are tekken players, I’ve reached out to the people on Tekken Zaibatsu forum and formally invited them to the radio show. I’m hoping we’ll get a few Tekken “experts” to break down the game for us non-Tekken players who just bought the game. When anyone accepts the invitation, I’ll update via Twitter. Make sure you follow us so you don’t miss out.

I’ll also talk about my new X360 and my experience with Borderlands (I’m a level 15 siren). We’ll also talk about my frustrating experience looking for a headset (my X360 was used, so it didn’t come with one).

Lastly, if ski’s not too busy, I’d like to pick his brain about SF4 some more, and I encourage everyone to participate. He also has a show scheduled this week in his continuing dope series called “SF4: 2D BASICS”. Make sure you tune in for that one!

Ok folks that’s about it; remember to sign up for Twitter to get the latest updates for tonight’s show.

Edit: You can download this show’s podcast here. Enjoy!






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